Here's some things you may be wondering about....

Do you do work in other industries besides those mentioned in your site ?

Yes - some of us have worked with additional industries, such as aerospace / defense, telecom, educational institutions and state and federal government agencies. We  are comfortable providing our services to those sectors as well.  Please contact us to learn more.

What is your engagement model?

Every client's needs are unique, and we certainly keep that in mind when developing a proposal. Generally we have two methods of engagement.

The first is a fixed price method, where the project scope, assumptions and deliverables are clearly identified, and we propose a price for those deliverables, with agreed upon milestones.

The second type is a retainership option. This is useful for clients that realize they require our services on various levels, not easily defined in a single project scope. We offer a specified term of retainership, at an agreed upon rate, for a defined number of hours each month. This amount is charged each month, regardless of whether all the hours are used or not. Any additional time required each month is billed at a separate hourly rate. This service also gives your needs an elevated level of priority in our workflow.

Do you have a fixed office location?

At this time, we do not. We are all based in the Raleigh - Durham area, and are available to meet with you at the time and location of your convenience - in a conference room or over your preferred coffee. For those times when we do need a collaborative working space - we have a frequent presence in the RTP Frontier and HQ Raleigh. We will be looking into other flexible office space as our needs continue to grow.

Do you work in other areas besides Raleigh - Durham?

Yes! While most of our activity is currently centered in this area, we are looking for clients in Virginia, and North and South  Carolina. We are also open to opportunities outside of this region, understanding that travel costs may need to be considered. Please contact us to explore further.

Do you do all the work yourselves?

Much of what is needed we do amongst the partners in the group, however, at times additional specific technical or professional services may be needed for various aspects of the project. We maintain a robust network of other qualified resources, consisting of companies, and professional contractors. We identify, vet and manage these resources, as needed, to ensure every aspect of your needs are meant without you taking the time and expense to locate and manage these resources on your own.